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The capabilities of laundry service providers can vary greatly. When choosing a laundry service provider, it is important to understand their capacity for its existing customer base, their ability to take on new customers, and whether their capacity is sufficient enough in the event of a breakdown. Equipment matters, but it is also the type of equipment that matters the most. A laundry service provider with tunnel washing technology and an automated ironing process can offer the best service to its customers for the following reasons:

Tunnel Washing Technology

A tunnel is an advanced piece of equipment that automates the entire wash process. The dirty linen is placed in individual compartments, separate from other customers, and the computer is instructed with what customer is being loaded and what wash formula it should process through. The linen then moves into the actual tunnel. At Cape Cod Commercial Linen Service, Inc., we have two tunnel washing systems. One system with five 110lb pockets and another with eight 150lb pockets. Following the respective wash processes, the linen is then pressed to remove excess moisture and then is loaded into a dryer.

The tunnel is the most efficient way to wash linen using approximately 0.5 gallons of water per pound of laundry. A traditional washer can use up to 3 gallons of water per pound. This difference adds up to thousands of gallons of water saved and on Cape Cod, water is a precious resource. CCCLS can offer its customers the most efficient way to wash linen and allows our customers to say the same to their guests.

The tunnel allows for customization. At CCCLS, we service many customers with unique sets of high-end linen. In our experience, our customers’ linen cannot be washed the same way with a standard formula. We recognize that specific types of linen need special attention, whether that is a special wash formula to ensure the result is the best, or whether the linen needs special pre-conditioning prior to ironing. This ability to customize allows us to offer the finest quality available in the industry.

An Automated Ironing Process

The result of linen processed through an ironing system achieves the finest results when using an automated ironing process. At CCCLS, we offer our customers the finest ironing capabilities available in the industry. Each of our four thermal heated ironers are equipped with automated feeders and folders. To achieve that perfect, crisp sheet, pillowcase, tablecloth, or napkin, it requires an automated process.

By having high end feeders, CCCLS can place the linen onto the ironer perfectly, so that it can be ironed properly and then folded through an automated process. The folds are as important as the ironing process itself as it will ensure that our customers’ guests are seeing a product that is consistent.

Capacity to Service New & Existing Customers

The quality of equipment and its capacity is important when choosing a laundry service provider. The laundry company should be able to easily service its customer base prior to taking on new business. At CCCLS, we believe in redundancy and operating at below capacity. Our capacity allows us to not only service our existing customer base, but to take on new business, while still considering possible breakdowns. Anything can happen in the laundry business as it takes many components to operate a facility. At CCCLS, our equipment is well-maintained and takes into consideration potential breakdowns that would not interrupt our customers’ service.

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